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"MRIGlobalHealthCareFinance did a great job representing the opportunity and supporting me through the process. I know a few people who are interested in looking at other opportunities and I plan on referring them to MRIGlobalHealthCareFinance!" -Placed Candidate, Director of Revenue Cycle

"I appreciated Nancy and her team’s commitment to finding the right candidate.  The team understood the market and exactly what I was looking for. " -Client, Director Patient Financial Services

"Matt was especially great (Chris too but I mostly dealt with Matt).  He was very helpful in assisting me to weigh out the pros and cons of the move as well as understand the cost of living differences between locations to help me negotiate a great salary.  I would definitely recommend them. " -Placed Candidate, System Director of Financial Services

"The MRIGlobalHealthcareFinance team specializes in healthcare professionals. Matt and his team exceeded my expectations while filling the position needed in such a short amount of time. The team was extremely responsive and easy to work with, and I will be calling them in the future when needed. " -Client, Vice President of Revenue Cycle

"Chris was an absolute pleasure to work with.  He was very knowledgeable on the industry and the skill sets needed to fulfill the requirements of the job.  Chris took the time to walk me through the process. He was attentive and understanding of all my questions and concerns. Not at any time did I feel pressured or pushed in any direction. It was a true pleasure to work with someone that was understanding, professional, and knowledgeable of the Health Care industry!" -Placed Candidate, Patient Access Manager

"I appreciated the Health Care Finance team’s commitment to finding the right candidate. They understood the market and what I was looking for. They were able to represent us to the candidates (and vice versa) extremely well, and went above our expectations.  They also exceeded expectations in their understanding of our requirements" -Client, System Director of Patient Services

"Nancy allowed me to give input in every aspect of her search.  She was very good at making sure she understood exactly what I was looking for.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks Nancy!" -Placed Candidate, UMD Medical System

"Although this was a very stressful process, Matt was very helpful in coaching me.  He did not pressure me into giving my responses right away and allowed me to think through the entire process.  He was there to answer any and all questions that I had.  I am very happy with my new opportunity and am thankful that Matt was here to help me through the process.  Matt was very helpful in guiding me through this life changing decision." -Placed Candidate, Controller

"MRIGlobalHealthcareFinance provided exceptional representation of my interests and career goals and objectives.  MRIGlobalHealthcareFinance provided superior professionalism while remaining committed to the professional and personal representation needed to navigate this tough job market." -Client, Access Manager

"Chris has been great throughout the process being efficient and professional.Chris was able to move the process forward quickly in a professional manner. Chris had a great understanding about my experience, what I was looking for, and what the hiring company was looking for. He came up with a perfect match for both parties.Chris helped me understand what this position and hiring manager needed, and how that matched with my experience. This understanding helped me tremendously on interviews. Chris is excellent on follow-ups, and everything was done accurately. This is probably the fastest and smoothest recruitment process I have been through. Great job!" -Placed Candidate, Controller

"The best thing Peter did was follow up with me after the job offer.  Normally I have seen a headhunter drop off the face of the planet after a job offer has been accepted.  However, Peter called and provided guidance with my resignation and even checked up on me days after the resignation to see how I was fairing.  Each step of the way he has offered his advice and experience to help make sure that I am making the best choice for my career." -Placed Candidate, Finance Manager

"The MRIGlobalFinance team delivered excellent service and value. The commitment and responsiveness to our needs was superior. The team satisfied our expectations." -Client, Manager of Pricing

"The level of assistance throughout the entire process was excellent and I appreciate all the work that went into assisting me in finding and securing this opportunity." -Placed Candidate, Financial Analyst

"The service provided was efficient and responsive.  I work with Peter because I know that I will get a great level of service. It’s what I expect." -Client, Finance Manager

"MRIGlobalFinance made a great first impression and took the time to understand my personal and professional needs. I was very pleased with the entire process." -Placed Candidate, Staff Accountant

"The best part of working with MRIGlobalHealthCareFinance was that the team understood and listened to our needs and sought out proper candidates. I enjoy working with this team because they take the time to listen to our requests and understand our hiring objectives. I have a great deal of confidence in the candidates they presented and we ultimately hired." -Client, Chief Financial Officer

"Peter Brown and the MRIGlobalFinance team performed this search the way I expect it to be done. They presented good quality candidates, unlike so many other placement firms which make heavy-handed phone calls and present weak, unqualified candidates. Peter took the time to learn our expectations and understand the job requirements, and he found the right person. We’ve been looking to fill this position for a long time and Peter made it happen. I have a jaded view of recruiters who are just in it for the commission, and that is not the case with MRI" -Client, Controller & Treasurer

"MRIGlobalFinance exceeds our total expectations from end to end. We were able to hire an outstanding candidate from Peter Brown and his team." -Client, Executive Director

"Nancy was accurate, timely and able to supply quality candidates for a successful hire. Thank you!" -Client, Sr. Director Financial Operations

"Peter Brown was great throughout the process. He was always pleasant, professional, and accessible (even on weekends). He has a great knowledge of the industry and companies and can be trusted to work in the best interests of the candidate and the hiring company." -Placed Candidate, Director of Accounting & Finance

"Peter Brown was professional, understood my needs, and placed me in a great job in a great company." -Placed Candidate, Finance Manager

"The quality of the candidates was excellent and we appreciate the accuracy of how they were represented. Thank you, MRIGlobalFinance!" -Client, Chief Financial Officer

"There wasn’t a lot of sales pitch and wasted time on bad candidates. MRIGlobalFinance found the right person for our open position. I really appreciated Peter Brown’s handling of the process." -Client, Assistant Controller

"The best part about working with Chris was the professional coaching he provided. He was very helpful, particularly because my last interview was many years ago." -Placed Candidate, Manager Financial Planning & Budget

"Nancy was the best recruiter that I have ever dealt with. She totally exceeded my expectations. I have already made referrals to friends." -Placed Candidate, Manager Patient Accounting

"Great job by Chris and his team. Chris kept things personal, and not talk-oriented. Well done!" -Placed Candidate, Director of Special Investigation

"What I liked best about Chris and the MRIGlobalHealthCareFinance team was the constant communication they had with me during the entire process. They did a thorough job helping their clients obtain an offer." -Placed Candidate, Director of Reimbursement

"Thank you, Chris, for your assistance with finding a great match for me with my new company. Interviews in the past have been laden with anxiety, but your thoughtful and professional questions and coaching helped me to prepare so I was relaxed and confident. I was equipped with questions and discussion of my own, which helped me understand the position and gain insight to the personalities at my new company." -Placed Candidate, Manager of Financial Planning & Budget

"I really appreciated Peter Brown’s communication and timely response. He helped me to secure my new job!" -Placed Candidate, Controller

"I appreciated the assistance in my job search, the prep for the interviews, insight to the personalities of the hiring managers, and just the ability to bounce ideas off of Matt. Matt greatly assisted in my job search, listened to what I was looking for, and supported me through the process. Matt did a great job and I greatly appreciate his assistance in landing my new position." -Placed Candidate, Regional Director

"Matt Voltz created an incredibly positive first impression! He had great knowledge of the company and was very easy to work with while being very personable!" -Placed Candidate, Director of Healthcare Economics and Reimbursement

"Matt is and was awesome throughout the recruiting process.  I can't thank him enough for the opportunity that he presented to me and the new career I now hoave!  Matt is very helpful, he follows up, coaches, he is positive and a very good person.  " -Placed Candidate, Provider Network Development & Managed Care Admin.

"This was the firt time I have worked with a recruiter and Matt made the whole process very easy.  I felt like Matt was just as invested in securing a new role as I was. I appreciated the open line of communication, and I was very impressed by Matt and the healthcare finance team. " -Placed Candidate, Executive Director

"Chris was extraordinarily aggressive and timely in ensuring things moved quickly, and smoothly. He went above and beyond his scope to facilitate the transition to the new site. It was an excellent experience, Thank you Chris!" -Placed Candidate, Director of Revenue Cycle

"Nancy was a true professional and paid close attention to deatil. She was a pleasure to work with and the level of service provided was way above my expectations! " -Placed Candidate, Manager

"Peter was very personal and did not treat me like I was a car that he was selling. I have already sent some referrals to Peter due to his great job. " -Placed Candidate, Sr. Accountant

"Peter was very professional and helped me through the hiring process and well as through the process of resigning from my former employer. He was also concerned with calling me to get the latest update and did an incredible job. " -Placed Candidate, Finance Manager