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Linda Burton

CEO In Memoriam

The 2022 MRINetwork Honor Awards held a poignant moment for the MRI family as Bert Miller, President & CEO, presented the Alan R. Schonberg Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously to Linda Burton. Linda, who passed away in January of the same year, left an indelible legacy through her three decades of trailblazing work in MRINetwork and the wider recruiting industry. Her commitment to mentorship, friendship, and support transformed countless lives and careers.

Linda’s journey in MRINetwork was deeply rooted in family legacy. Her father, Ken Davis, founded MRIGlobalSearch as MR Baltimore-Timonium in 1976, and Linda learned the intricacies of the business from him and the network’s founder, Alan R. Schonberg. She held a firm belief in striving for excellence, often saying, “Mediocrity is not acceptable. To be part of this team, you must want to win – every day.” Under her leadership, the firm soared to new heights, consistently ranking among the top five within MRINetwork.

More than just numbers, Linda’s true impact was felt in her ability to inspire those around her. She was a beacon of determination, ensuring that everyone she worked with had the support and encouragement to succeed. Her approach was marked by boundless energy, laughter, generosity, and a light that brightened the lives of all who knew her.

Linda’s warm smile, kindness, and brilliance, coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence, made her a beloved and respected figure in the recruiting world. As we congratulate her on her well-deserved recognition, we also remember and deeply miss Linda Burton, a truly extraordinary individual whose legacy will continue to inspire.

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