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Sandra Brown

Training & Development

Sandra Brown brings a passion for training, learning, and development to her role at our organization, where she collaborates with a team of highly skilled and accomplished executive recruiters. Sandra’s journey with the company began over 18 years ago in the research department, laying the groundwork for her deep understanding of the recruitment process and client needs.

Progressing through various roles, Sandra honed her skills as a recruiter, working closely with clients and candidates in our contract division. This experience enriched her perspective and expertise, leading her to her current position within in Training, Operations, and Development. In this role, Sandra has excelled, bringing innovative ideas and strategies to the forefront of our training programs and operational development.

Her dedication to fostering growth and development within the team has been instrumental in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations. Sandra’s journey from the research department to her current role is a testament to her adaptability, continuous learning, and commitment to excellence. Her enthusiasm and expertise in training and development continue to inspire and drive positive change within our organization.

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